Akele Channel Emergency Wall Failure Repair in Enchanted Lakes

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(C&C Honolulu)  The intent of this project was to repair a failed wall inside of a drainage channel in Enchanted Lakes in Kailua.  Scope of work included ditch clearing, earth retention, temporary and permanent shoring, anchor drilling, wall forming, concrete pouring, chainlink fence installation, and landscaping. Prometheus was contracted on an immediate and emergency basis in order to clear and shore the failed wall so that the foundation of nearby homes would not be in danger of failure along with the erosion. After clearing and shoring was complete, the earth on the west wall was retained using erosion control matting and then formwork of the wall began.  Concrete was poured and when the wall was cured the earth behind the wall was backfilled and another layer of erosion control matting was applied to the final surface. A chainlink fence was applied to the top of the wall. The job was completed on schedule.