Diamond Head Rockfall Mitigation and Shotcrete in Honolulu, Hawaii

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(DLNR)  The intent of this project was to mitigate the rockfall hazard and increase public safety in the Diamond Head State Monument in Honolulu, HI using rock scaling, anchor drilling, shotcrete application, and landscaping techniques both inside and on the outside of the crater. Prometheus worked closely with the parks department as the job required stretches of evening and full day trail closures.  The job also required extreme attention to detail and sensitivity given the historical significance of the site and the endangered and unique floral makeup within the crater.  Given the difficulty of bringing materials up the trail, Prometheus utilized helicopters, quads, and hikers in order to setup and complete work on the difficult points of the trail.  Overall the job consisted of the installation of approximately 250 hand drilled rock anchors, 250 cubic yards of sculpted and stained dry mix shotcrete, and hundreds of crew hours of scaling and demolition in order to make the trail safe for public access.  The job was completed 20 days before deadline.  All photos shown below are shotcrete walls that were sculpted and stained by the Prometheus team in order to perfectly match the existing terrain.