Mokapu Saddle Road – Kaneohe Rockfall Mitigation

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(C&C Honolulu) The intent of this project was to mitigate rockfall hazards impacting Mokapu Saddle Road in Kaneohe in order to increase public safety. The project began with vegetation clearing, rock scaling, and the removal and demolition of numerous dangerous boulders that created a hazard on the roadway below.  Next the Prometheus team drilled and grouted 60 rock anchors varying in depth from 10′-20′ deep and 55 rope anchors varying in depth from 15′-20′ deep.  7,000 square feet of anchored mesh and 38,000 feet of drapery mesh were then installed and sewn together in conjunction with the anchor system to provide stability to the hillside and protect the road below from hazardous rockfall.