Red Hill Waterline A Installation

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(NAVFAC)  The intent of this project was to install a waterline from a water tank on top of a large steep slope to the roadside below in Halawa valley.  This scope included rock scaling, clearing, trenching on the slope, 600’+ of 12″ fuseable C900 PVC and 12″ cast iron pipe installation, foundation work, shotcrete, and revegetation. Prometheus utilized years of operations and slope work experience in order to complete this difficult job.  The work began by scaling all hazardous boulders and loose rock from the hillside.  Then our large excavator was brought in to chip out a large dell for the pipeline to sit in on the near vertical face near the bottom of the slope.  Our Menzi-Muck spider excavator was then lowered from the top of the slope in order to trench out the dirt and mixed rock portion of the slope towards the top.  After the trenching was complete, pipe foundation locations were identified, forms built, rebar tied, and concrete poured.  The entire length of PVC pipe was fused on top of the slope and slowly fed down into place and lik edinto the ductile pipe on the lower rock face. The waterline pipe was then secured to the foundations, pressure tested, and shotcreted into place.  Start to completion time was 11 months.