Rockslide Mitigative Improvements on Alencastre & Dole

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(Department of Design and Construction, C&C of Honolulu) This intent of this rockslide mitigative improvement project was to mitigate potential rockfall hazards impacting Alencastre Street and Dole Street in Honolulu in order to increase public safety. The job scope included stabilizing 5 different hazardous locations with 5,500 square feet of sculpted shotcrete.  65 galvanized rock dowels were inserted into the slope face before 1″ geocomposite drain strips and 6×6 welded wire fabric were installed.  The Prometheus ACI certified shotcrete nozzleman then sprayed a minimum 6″ layer of shotcrete to the slope in order to secure the hillside from further erosion and rockfall dangers.  The shotcrete was sculpted and stained to perfectly match the existing and natural rock face on the slope.