Rockfall Drapery Mesh and Sculpted Shotcrete Hawaii

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(HPHA – Puahala Homes) The intent of this project was to mitigate rockfall hazards impacting the HPHA Puahala Homes facility in Honolulu, Hawaii. This job was split into two phases; each phase protected a different building and was prioritized based on the hazard level present. Phase 1 of the project began with debris removal, fence removal, vegetation clearing, and rock scaling. After the jobsite was prepped and analyzed, Prometheus demolished multiple large boulders that posed an immediate rockfall hazard for the apartments below.  Next, Prometheus installed a drapery mesh system to cover the entire hillside and protect it from any future rock fall situations.  In Phase 2, Prometheus sprayed shotcrete across much of the hillside to stabilize voids and secure potential rockfall areas.  The shotcrete was sculpted and stained to match the existing hillside. The entire hillside in phase 2 was then covered in a drapery mesh system to protect the building below from any potential future rockfall.