Seawall Stabilization in Honolulu, Hawaii

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(Private Homeowner)  A Honolulu homeowner was dealing with an unstable leaning seawall in their beachside home in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Prometheus assessed the situation and stabilized the rock wall as well as repaired the gate that was pinched shut due to the moving wall.  The team waited for low tide to access the beach and then drilled 9 anchors through large rocks in the wall and into the hillside behind the wall.  The anchors were grouted and locked off to secure the seawall to the hillside.  9 weep holes were drilled and installed at the bottom of the rockwall to increase drainage and release pressure buildup behind the seawall.  The beach access gate was also fully dug up, realigned, and concrete footers were re-poured in order for it to function properly. Total job was completed in under 2 days.