Shotcrete Wall with Micropiles on Hoalu Place in Honolulu, Hawaii

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(C&C Honolulu)  The intent of this project was to mitigate the rockfall hazard and increase homeowner safety on Hoalu Place in Honolulu, HI.   Prometheus worked closely with the city and the homeowners in the community to ensure the job was done in an expeditious manner while having a minimal effect given the sensitive neighborhood setting. This slope to be reinforced was very close to an existing structure meaning Prometheus had to utilize creative techniques in order to drill micropiles and apply shotcrete.  First, the site was cleared of vegetation. All loose rocks on the slope were scaled and removed.  Wagon drilling rigs were then lowered form the top of the slope using tie off points and an excavator.  Over 40 horizontal micropiles were installed on the hillside to depths of 12, 20, or 30 feet.  After drilling was complete, drainage and rebar was tied in to the micropile structure and the shotcreteing process could begin.  The CAT 315 excavator was used along with  a custom built access basket used to lower the ACI certified nozzleman to the correct position to shoot shotcrete. After shooting was complete the nozzle finish shotcrete wall was stained in order to better match the natural hillside.  The job was completed on time even with multiple hurricane and tropical storm work stoppages.