Aikahi Sewer Plant Kaneohe Worker Protection Drapery

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(Aikahi WWTP)  The intent of this project was to mitigate the hazard for workers inside of the wastewater clarifier tank during demolition.  The Prometheus team installed a wire rope support cable around perimeter of area to be demolished (approx. 50’ wide by 25’ tall) with eyebolts embedded at 8” deep at 4’ intervals around 3 sides of system.  6 intermediary 3/4” horizontal cables were be installed to contain the debris at each 4’ level of the demolition stations. These 3/4″ horizontal cables were then anchored to the slurry wall at 4’ sideways intervals with 1/2” x 8” deep eye bolts with 2—3/4” eyebolts at each terminal end with a turnbuckle for tightening of the cables. The installed netting was composed of 2 layers of Maccaferri Rock mesh with 1 layer of heavy-duty filter fabric sandwiched in the middle. Start to complete job time was 4 weeks.