Foundation Stabilization in Hawaii Kai

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(Private Homeowner)  The homeowner was dealing with a shifting foundation and needed stabilization to prevent damage to the house and ensure safety for its occupants.  Prometheus’ team and geotechnical engineer assessed the situation and devised a plan to repair the problem areas, secure the foundation, and prevent future damage. Scope included the install of 15 soil nails in front of the residence, 5 vertical soil nails through the on-grade slab, and five 45 degree soil nails through back exterior rock wall. Each soil nail is embedded into at least 10’ into solid rock. The soil nails through the foundation would be tied into the concrete foundation with doweled rebar epoxied into the slab, with the removed and damaged slab areas being repoured with concrete. Entire back stone wall (including retaining wall on left side of house) to receive a minimum of 6” shotcrete with welded wire reinforcement and geocomposite drainage.  Shotcrete was sculpted and stained to match natural landscape.