Seawall Repair at Maalaea Condominium Complex

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(Private)  The intent of this project was to repair and stabilize a failing seawall located adjacent to the Maalaea Harbor on the island of Maui.  The seawall was showing signs of damage and undermining after enduring 50+ years of erosion due to the swell and extreme tide changes in the area.  At high tide, the incoming swell would pound against the wall eventually developing a hole beneath the wall foundation. When the tide shifted from high to low, earthen material loosened from the pounding was being pulled out to sea, creating and expanding the large void beneath and behind the wall. The void destabilized the wall, generated a structural threat to the buildings on site, and was a safety hazard for residents accessing the communal backyard.  Prometheus’ order of work on this project was to plug the hole beneath the wall, reinforce the earth surrounding the wall using precise soil stabilizer injections, reinforce the wall using a combination of soil nailing, reinforcement, proper drainage, and shotcrete, and finally backfill and landscape the earth above the newly filled void. Prometheus successfully completed this project within the clients budget and very stringent environmental and time constraints required by the County of Maui and Army Corps of Engineers permits.