Soil nail walls are earth retention solutions that use tension resisting nails for a wide range of slope stabilization projects. Prometheus has been installing soil nail walls here in Hawaii to prevent erosion since the mid 2000’s.

The first step is to excavate the hillside to a predefined height which is 3-6 feet below the current grade.  Next, we drill multiple holes along the face of the slope to specification width, depth, and inclination angle.  A soil nail is then centrally inserted into each hole and filled with a concrete mix called “grout”. When fully cured, the soil nails and grout act as an anchor, effectively resisting pull, rotational, and sliding pressures. Drainage strips are then applied to the wall and metal reinforcing wire is installed over the strips and anchors. Shotcrete is applied to the entire wall which can be sculpted, painted, stained, and textured to perfectly match the existing landscape.

Prometheus can provide significant time and financial savings for our soil nail wall clients in Hawaii when compared to other expensive shoring solutions. Please contact us to arrange a free site visit where we can discuss your specific erosion control needs.