Shotcrete Application:   Prometheus has the experienced personnel, equipment and material knowledge to successfully complete a wide variety of installations including shotcrete for erosion control purposes, securing unstable hillsides and rocks, or reinforcing deteriorating walls.  Prometheus’ nozzlemen have years of experience shooting shotcrete throughout the Hawaiian islands. Our concrete specialists have experience in creating the perfect mix and have a great understanding of admixtures and aggregates for your specific need and design. We work closely with our suppliers and will deliver you the perfect mix on time.

The concrete we use during the shotcrete process can be stained and sculpted to match the surrounding environment. Prometheus construction offers a vast array of Shotcrete / Gunite services ranging from the smallest backyard stabilization project to 100+ yard shotcrete structural tieback walls. Our ACI Certified nozzle men have years of experience and training and our ability to pump our own materials gives us an advantage to precisely control the quality of the of the mix delivered in both the wet and dry mix process of shotcrete applications. We again take pride in our ability to deliver a quality product whether it is in your Hawaii backyard or the top of Diamond Head crater.

Below is more information about the effectiveness of shotcrete as well as videos of shotcrete being applied.