Schofield Army Base Shotcrete Shoring

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(ARMY)  The intent of this project was to mitigate the hazard of wall collapse through the use of wet mix shotcrete shoring.  The excavation pit needed to be an overall depth of 15′, with the digging and shotcreteing taking place simultaneously.  The excavator dug out the center of the pit to a depth of 5′, then excavated  counter clockwise wall by wall to 5′ depth while the shotcrete crew followed behind spraying shotcrete onto the exposed walls. This method was followed until the entire excavation reached a depth of 5′.  After the initial 5′ depth of shotcrete had 72 hours to cure, the excavation continued down another 5’in a counter clockwise motion with the shotcrete team in tow.  Assorted walls had 10′ soil nails, rebar, and welded wire mesh installed at the direction of the geotechnical engineer.  The same process was followed until the pit reached its final excavation depth of 15′.  Shotcrete Total work time start to finish was 4 weeks.